Is it legal to download music from

The website is an online music store which is specialized in downloading of digital music content. We do not produce or release compact disks or any other storage products.

The use of musical components and creations realizes under contract with the legal owners or representatives of the rights (heirs, record-labels, producers etc). These kinds of contracts are usually signed by the administration of website or authoritative agency “MEDIA AGENT”.

Despite all that, the Russian legislation provides us the opportunity of fee transferring via the authors and performers society. In our agreement there is a condition which forbids using a website services in case the legislation of the country of user contradicts with laws of Russian Federation.

At the moment we have already signed contracts with many artists, major music labels and a Russian Author’s Society (which represents the rights of Greek legal owners on Russian territory).

The administration of the website negotiates with many legal owners about the signing of license agreements and is willing to cooperate with any interested party, who is professionally active in the music industry.

We express gratefulness to our permanent partners:

• Record label company "Hellenic Record" (License Agreement 02/03-2009)
• Record label company "Protasis Music" (License Agreement 05/11-2009)
• Independent artist Maria Manda (License Agreement 01/03-2009)
• Independent band Crazy Seven (Promotion Agreement 01/02-2010)
• Independent band Horis Frena (Promotion Agreement 02/03-2010)
• Independent band Dragon Hunters (Promotion Agreement 03/07-2010